Could Counseling Prevent Another Violent Attack?
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When we feel the heart crushing news of a violent event and the horror associated with events like the most recent “Batman Movie Massacre” we become sad, anxiety increases, and we feel the depth of connection to those we do not know. They are complete strangers, except in how they are reflections of those in our circle of family and friends, despite all of our differences. We can literally feel on a cellular level the fear and pain of those who were killed and all those affected.

I watch as we move to find the answer, the ultimate fix. I do not know what it may be, but find myself coming back to the idea that we commit ourselves to the process of relationship-based counseling, and have emotional health check-ins as we do physicals. Life is about establishing trust, safety and a safe space within ourselves and in relationships with others to reflect on where we are and where we want to go. WE must practice emotional surveillance and counseling/coaching that offers a “Win/Win” way to do this. Perhaps if we moved to this practice, the shame associated with “needing counseling” would diminish and we would see counseling as a classroom for self growth and understanding and a means of feeling good. I am certain, since one of the gun owners felt there was something wrong on the message the gun men left, that a trusted therapist may have been able to intervene in the turmoil this young man was struggling with.

In addtion, we must look at the benefits of establishing a way to dial into these violent events so as to decrease the sense the instant and constant media of our generation does not offer a way to be heard for someone struggling to the point that they move to create such destruction.

Perhaps, these practices would not provide a cease and desist to these kinds of massacres, but they would like help dramatically. Certainly they are a move into positive emotional health.

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