Tragedy in Evanston
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There has been a tragedy in Evanston. We have lost a 14-year-old young man in a senseless killing.

More information:
“Charges in slaying of boy, 14: ‘Hate, disgust, sadness’” via Chicago Tribune
“Man held in Evanston teen’s death was seeking revenge, prosecutors say” via Chicago Tribune

Whenever there is a loss in the community it feels like a loss of a family member. We identify with our communities in such a way that we vicariously experience tragedy. Those of us who are parents have identified with the parents; those of us who are young people have identified with the lost boy. In all cases there is a horror and a fear and anger that hopefully propels us to take action to get to the roots of the cause of such violence.

This kind of violence happens every day on the west and south sides of Chicago. It also happens too often in the area of Evanston that is west of the high school. All these areas have one thing in common: they are inhabited by lower socioeconomic peoples, either poor or working poor. The gun becomes an instrument of power, a phallic symbol; phallic meaning power. In the hands of a marginalized, angry, frustrated, and desperate gang member it provides a moment of grandiosity in an otherwise barren and futile life.

More information:
“Ex-gangster Disciple Tells Of Lure Of The Drug Trade” via Chicago Tribune
“Ex-member Testifies On Gang Life” via Chicago Tribune

This is what we need to address: ‘we’ meaning every single one of us, not waiting for the ‘the powers that be’ to take action, but becoming the ‘family members’ to take up the cause and see what can be done.

Our mayor has called a public meeting on Tuesday, October 2. This is exactly what should be done. The issues of providing education, housing, and jobs to otherwise partially-disenfranchised people is what will be discussed.

Lakeshore Counseling Center will be represented and will offer at least one pro bono hour per week of counseling to any ‘family’ member that wants or needs it.

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