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About Lakeshore Counseling

Northshore Counseling Center was started approximately 30 years ago on the North Shore in Evanston, Illinois. We are a unique group of clinicians whose expertise and dedication to our clients and their individual needs is what makes us special. We are experts in configuring a treatment plan aimed at getting to the root of the issues presented. We are dedicated to this work; devoted and well trained with graduate degrees, post graduate trainings and more than 25 years clinical experience.

Many times people come in with very specific goals; we make those goals our goals. In order to facilitate ongoing processing and connection, we encourage and engage in many types of communication between sessions including shared thoughts, dream reports, journaling, reporting of significant events; all by way of voice message, e-mail, texting, phone or Skype calls.

We have a beautiful, warm, cozy office attainable by several methods of transportation. In fact, the Metra and CTA trains practically stop at our front door. We offer bottled water, very comfortable chairs, face-to-face connection and ongoing interaction producing a relaxed, safe environment.

We know how busy life can be, and we want to make sure that getting counseling is easy. Our clinicians are available by phone 24/7 and have appointment times days, evenings and weekends. We also are able to offer sessions in the office, in the home or on the phone/Skype as needed. We are open to doing ‘mini’ sessions (by phone; prorated) and early morning or late night contact when needed. We return phone calls within the hour with few exceptions. To top it off, we offer sliding scale fees as needed and initial consultations are done free of charge. When called for we recommend medication evaluations and are connected to four excellent psychiatrists.

Who we are:

“Working with clients to overcome obstacles in their lives is a deeply gratifying process. I’m in awe of the courageous and determined individuals I am privileged to work with, and I am dedicated to their quest for health and well-being.”

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“In my work with clients, I have experienced the depth of human courage, joy, sadness, and determination. Each day I am grateful to work with my clients and guide them in the process of reaching their dreams, gaining insight, and believing in themselves. I cherish my ability to work with people — it is my personal and professional passion.”

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